Service IT Solutions


Service IT is one of the most challenging areas for IT professionals.

Service IT requires a 100% focus on the end customer. Ranging from relatively simple product related services to very complex knowledge driven managed services, your service IT applications should fully enable the sales and delivery. The technical disciplines and business processes involved should be fully understood. Workflow driven, off line, mobile service application, complex scheduling algorithms, knowledge management, new contact center technologies, such as social media, machine to machine communication, web based self-service technologies, and integration to various back-end systems are only a few of the IT challenges to be faced when automating your service operations.

Service businesses operate in a very dynamic and rapidly evolving environment. End customer requirements are changing fast and companies have to adapt to ever increasing customer expectations.  New services become more and more sophisticated and are demanding a high level of automation in order to remain competitive in the market place.

New technology developments, such as machine to machine communication in the “Internet  of Things”, new social media channels,  new mobile technologies, are creating new possibilities to differentiate with services. Companies have to adopt or die.

The market for Service IT solutions is fragmented. Hundreds of vendors offer you a partial solution of the puzzle.

Together with selected partners Noventum is ready to help with pre-configured service application architectures that comply with the Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards.


Noventum’s IT solutions will:

  • Reduce complexity
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce your time to market
  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce the cost of Service IT Management.


Your service business strategy and business model should drive your IT requirements and approach. 

We go one step further by helping to bring your service model to comply with the Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards, the gold standard for Service Excellence. Working with these best practice models will help to deliver tangible and quick business results.

The SCP Standards are organised in small components, which allow companies to start small and develop and evolve the service IT landscape following agile methods. This reduces risks and complexity, the major factors that usually cause IT projects to go over budget and not deliver business results as expected. 

Noventum offers her proven Service Transformation methodology and only works with experienced teams of service management consultants that understand the business, as well as the IT solutions. 

Getting Started

How is your IT landscape performing?
Does it comply with your business requirements?
Are you Service Industry Practice compliant? 

If not, why not ask Noventum to conduct a Service Best Practice Assessment to get  a comprehensive insight into your strengths and weaknesses and define where the opportunities for profitable and sustainable growth for your service business lie? 

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