Improve Customer Experience to achieve double digit growth rates

A case study for service business leaders

Improve Customer Experience to achieve double digit growth rates

Case Study: 

A global manufacturer wanted to increase their market penetration in France. Their main competitor was a market leader with four times more revenue. In addition, the competitor was recognised for high quality service delivery and a good service network coverage enabling them to have a short on-site response time. Immediate action was required.

Noventum assisted the manufacturer to improve their customer experience. As a result, the company has become well respected for being easy to do business with and showing flexibility in delivering services that suit the needs of the customer at the moment of delivery, going beyond just delivering high quality service.



Many studies have shown that improving customer experience generates higher growth rates and increases loyalty among customers. The renewed brand reputation helped this company to:

  • Secure revenue by retaining existing customers and enhancing the contract renewal rate from 60% to 85%
  • Increase revenue per customer by selling additional value-added services
  • Create a pull-through effect in generating more product sales, due to customers wanting to stay with the company because of their appreciation of the service organisation

Learn how to design successful customer experiences and achieve double digit growth rates with the help of the Service Transformation Centre.