How Cloudera Targets Service Excellence Through Certification of Its Customer Support Operations.

Cloudera targets service excellence by certifying its customer support operations against industry standards. Palo Alto-based Cloudera, the leading provider of modern data management, analytics and machine learning platforms, has a highly seasoned service and support team to help deliver value to its customers. After facing years of hyper growth, the customer support organization was feeling the strain of growing customer demand.

“The stringent nature of practices defined in the SCP Standards really provoked us to focus on improving all aspects of our service operations,” explained Angus Klein, Cloudera’s vice president of Support. “Having an objective third party audit us really holds a mirror up to what we are doing.”

Cloudera has successfully certified its operations against the Service Capability & Performance Standards (SCP) and as a result has achieved significant gains in service effectiveness, including:

  • A more consistent customer service experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.
  • Implemented proven repeatable service processes to ensure organizational consistency.
  • Improved communication between management and staff.
  • Enhanced the skill set of support staff by providing career development training.

To learn more about Cloudera’s efforts to drive operational excellence and validate service performance through certification of its customer support operation follow this link

Click here to find out more about the SCP Standards. 

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