Key conclusions of the Connected Field Service workshop in Copenhagen

On the 28th of February PTC, ServiceMax and Noventum hosted a workshop revolving around Connected Field service in Copenhagen. During the meeting a group of global service directors and executives came together to explore how manufacturing organisations can successfully develop & deploy new IoT enabled service models.

Key conclusions were that IoT enabled business models often require a whole new set of capabilities, therefor implementing them has far reaching implications. Technology here is not the biggest challenge: Companies first need to distinguish hype from business potential by investigating where they can really add value to their customer’s business. The next step is getting commitment of the board and alignment within the organisation. 

Hilbrand Rustema, Managing Director of Noventum kicked-off by providing answers to the following key questions:

  • What is the evolution of service value in the manufacturing industry?
  • What are the implications for manufacturers today?
  • What does the Internet of Things (IoT) entail?
  • How can IoT be leveraged to add value to service organisations?

After the kick-off it was time to come to action. Rosanne Gresnigt, Consultant at Noventum, facilitated a workshop with the objective to learn how companies can leverage IoT to add value to their business.

In groups of 4, participants went to work on a fictive case: ‘’PUMP-IT’’ – a world leading pump provider suffering from declining revenues and margins, looking for new ways to ‘’pump-up’’ their business. Each team went on a quest to identify critical customer pains and gains – taking into account the customer value chain and their challenges and aspirations, all in the context of what the future world might look like. Next the teams came up with potential IoT enabled services to address these pains and gains. Each team selected their best idea, enriched it, and then pitched it to the whole group.

As a last step we looked into the capabilities PUMP-IT would need to be able to develop, sell and deliver the new services. This brought us to the conclusion that, since implementing IoT enabled business models often touch upon all area's of the business, it requires more than just developing a new service; it requires a whole service transformation. 

To learn more about this approach, read our latest article: ''7 steps to uncover the potential of IoT'' or have a look at our ''Future of Service'' workshop approach. 

We concluded the day with a real-live demo from ServiceMax, demonstrating how their and PTC's proven platforms could help service businesses to accelerate the implementation of their new IoT enabled business models.

Special thanks to PTC & ServiceMax for organising this successful day and we look forward to the next ‘’Connected Field Service’’ session!

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