Noventum at the Aftermarket Conference 2015

This year the conference will take place in the Netherlands between 21st and 23rd October and will focus on Service Transformation – Delivering value and differentiation to customers. We will look at servitization and the necessity to move away from products as the primary source of income and rather focus on product related services and new service business models to achieve profitable and sustainable growth.

Noventum will be hosting a roundtable on the second day of the Conference. The title of the roundtable will be "From a reactive to a proactive service business".

Recent data shows that more than 80% of maintenance is still reactive - generating higher cost for the service provider and downtime for the customer. Even though large preventive maintenance seems to be the solution, this often has a counterproductive effect, thus reducing reliability even further!

While everybody has heard about the wealth of opportunities provided by Industry 4.0, the IoT and Big Data, the key questions which enable companies to get started, remain often unanswered.

During this Roundtable, we will share with you the insights and best practices that came about during Noventum’s most recent Service Innovation Project, titled “From a Reactive to a Predictive Service Business” (part of the Service Innovation Programme). This Service Innovation Project was based on the challenges faced by manufacturers today in their effort to become a proactive service provider and strategic business partner for their customers.

We look forward to meeting you at the conference and would be delighted to have you join our roundtable and share your thoughts with us.

For more information about the Aftermarket Conference 2015, follow this link.

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