Noventum at the PTC Live event in Stockholm

The transformation from selling products to selling performance based service contracts has just started. With this transformation it´s clear that manufacturers have to carry a higher risk in their relationship with the customer. By attending this event you can get early insights into research findings, hear lessons learned from peers, and gain insights about current technology trends and how they create new opportunities for enhancing services.

During the event, Hilbrand Rustema - the Managing Director of Noventum - will be sharing his knowledge and experience with participants on ‘How companies create profitable growth with service business’. For a long time service has struggled with its role in a business, regarded as a necessary evil and not considered in any way as a source of excellent performance and profitability. This perspective has changed significantly in recent years through customers demanding improved service and value for money, new break-through technologies, and the new economic reality after the financial crisis. The service aspect of businesses is now proving to be an exciting area of opportunity, and this presentation examines how successful companies are taking advantage of this shift of perspective and are achieving profitable growth, while others are continuing on their usual path and as a result have to cope with shrinking profit margins; this underlines the importance of discovering how value is created through service, as demonstrated with hard growth figures gained by companies deploying the successful strategies.

PTC Live Executive Exchange is a series of events for top engineering leaders from many industries. This event offers a high-energy forum for the exchange of ideas, insights and experiences that can help you drive your organization to a position of competitive advantage.

Meet us in Stockholm and share your challenges and thoughts with us.

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