Review of the recent PTC Live Executive Exchange, Essen

Participants had the opportunity to learn from the experience of manufacturing companies, which have already began forming their competitive advantage around services, as well as from experienced consultants in the field.

The managing director of Noventum, Hilbrand Rustema, presented how companies create profitable growth with service business. His presentation was considered very inspiring by the participants, as it focused on the manufacturing industry and how it has discovered the service business as the source for growth and profits and no longer sees this as a mere differentiator.

Hilbrand pointed out how product-related services show a trend of being replaced by customer business-related services. In other words supporting the end customer instead of simply providing product support. Manufacturing companies need to move away from selling machines and instead focus on selling solutions. For this purpose, they need to understand their customers’ needs.

Companies need to apply their knowledge in order to add value to the end customer. By following this strategy they see their relative costs drop, due to economies of scale, and at the same time watch their revenue increase.

Hilbrand went on to explain how the Brand-driven strategy has proved to be the most profitable, as one’s brand becomes their differentiator. Some examples were presented to demonstrate how companies achieve profitable growth by deploying the successful strategies and how the Service Capability and Performance (SCP) Standards for the service industry help to achieve best in class performance faster and at the same time reduce risk.

Some other highlights of the event were:

The presentation from Heidelberger Remote Services, about how they offer maximum availability for printing machines. They apply their technology in the context of their customers and have transformed into strategic partners for them. Through their Remote Services Portfolio they manage to assist their customers reduce downtime and increase their performance, productivity and profits.

The Airbus presentation, about how they moved from an increasingly dynamic, complex and uncertain environment to what they call the Airbus Flight Hour Services, offering solutions ranging from component supply and repair to full airframe maintenance. The decision of the company to focus on Service Lifecycle Management helped them win and retain business and reduce costs, while delighting customers and shareholders.

All in all, the event was very insightful and we look forward to another PTC Live event.

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