Reflection on the Service Innovation Forum: “Connected Parts Management”

The Service Innovation Forum “Connected Parts Management” took place on the 21st and 22nd of February in Amsterdam. We had interesting two days at the Tobacco Theatre, packed with insightful best practices and hands-on practical approaches on how to connect and improve the service parts management model.

Here are some of the highlights from this event:

  • Marco van Duijnhoven, Director Global Service Repair Operations at Cisco, presented an approach on how to turn data into information, and then use this information into continual strategic decision making. At Cisco, they did this by creating the position of a Data Scientist - individuals who work with different business entities to combine their knowledge with organisational insights. Following van Duijnhoven’s presentation, the workshop proceeded with an intense discussion between the participants began regarding the way their customers were incentivised to return used parts. Cisco has a good understanding on parts performance, and the participants discussed and evaluated their approach to this activity.
  • The audience was also fascinated and inspired by a presentation by Hans-Joachim Köppen, Technical Leader of the Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0 unit of IBM DACH. He validated the benefits of Watson in the service industry, and how customer data can be used to improve processes. Watson enables the selection and distillation of information from various sources to provide smarter analytics and linked data. Köppen used the example of using Watson and Augmented Reality within real customer situations.
  • Peter Sorowka, CTO of Cybus, provided fresh insights regarding the interface between industry and internet. He spoke about how they are translating machine languages to modern internet semantics, making live data available for any application. At the Service Innovation Forum, Sorowka held a workshop on how to understand the different perspectives of component manufacture, machine manufacturer, factory operator and the consequences of service transformation on evolving digital supplier relationships.

“The Service Innovation Forum offers a great opportunity to exchange and discuss knowledge. I realised that we definitely need more speed!” one participant exclaimed. “It’s good to see that others are in the same situation, and to be able to discuss challenges in this open and stimulating atmosphere” added another participant.

The upcoming Service Innovation Forum on Parts Management took place on the 21th and 22nd of February of 2018 in Amsterdam. More information can be found here. To find out more about the best practices defined during the Connected Parts Management Forum, click here

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