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Each Project comprises of: 

  • A Self-Assessment, providing you with insights into your company’s capabilities related to the topic, suggesting improvement opportunities and future step suggestions.
  • A 2-day Breakthrough Session, with peer experience sharing, industry leaders’ presentations and insights into best practices and SCP Standards.
  • A Best Practice Report, enriched with background information and suggestions for further reading.

Upcoming Service Innovation Projects

Even though product margins are shrinking and service has proven to drive company wide growth, many service leaders in OEMs are still struggling to get services on the strategic agenda. In addition, they are challenged in gaining company buy-in on all corporate levels; from CEO to frontline staff. So how do you build a business case, move from a product culture to a service culture, and drive organisational change?

Breakthrough Session: 8 - 9 June, 2016 - Netherlands

Delivering best in class services in the future requires a completely different skill-set than what is needed today. Think of the rise of IoT and Big Data, which call for more analytical capabilities; bigger and more complex propositions requiring more business acumen; and the more strategic level target audience requires (subsequently) a more targeted marketing and sales approach - focused in solving business issues rather than technical issues. So what skills are required, and how do you acquire & retain them?

Breakthrough Session: 12 - 13 October, 2016 - Germany

Even Mega trends like Industry 4.0, Big Data and the IoT are transforming the nature of service in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, service innovation has become vital for safeguarding continuity. In addition, these trends offer a wealth of opportunities for high value low cost service business offerings. But how do you distinguish hype from solid business potential, how do you develop new services, and what do you need to do to evolve from being a reactive to a proactive service provider?

Breakthrough Session: 7 - 8 December, 2016 - Switzerland

As Service Parts Management directly influences customer satisfaction/retention and profitability, improvements have a high impact on the perceived performance and bottom-line results of the organisation. In this respect technical companies are increasingly starting to recognise superior Service Parts Management as strategically important. Service Parts Management involves the coordination of activities, such as demand forecasting, parts distribution, and warehouse management. However, it goes beyond these ‘usual suspects’ as it also covers aspects of the complete product lifecycle. After the successful Service Innovation Project on Service Parts Management in late 2015, the 2.0 version will be held in early 2017. Topics will be more advanced and innovative, put in light of the IoT and Industry 4.0, and reflected against (upcoming) industry trends.

Breakthrough Session: 21 - 22 February, 2017 - Netherlands

This Service Innovation Project is part of the development project of a new Service Capability and Performance (SCP) Standard on Service Parts Management. To find out more contact us today.

The Service Innovation Projects are part of Noventum’s Service Innovation Programme. To request the Overview of the programme, follow this link.



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