The Service Transformation of Bobst

When Swiss technology firm Bobst realised that selling the world’s most advanced packaging technology could no longer sustain growth Bobst underwent a crucial shift in their thinking. They realised that however brilliant their technology, it was still just a means to an end. What customers really needed was increased productivity via end-to-end solutions and that was what Bobst was going to deliver them!

But the first big hurdle surfaced straight away; Bobst was working with seven different brands globally, all functioning under different management models with different service levels, standards and pricing structures. If the answer to growth lay in their service business, they needed a global plan. 

The Bobst executive team decided to create a single One Bobst brand. Then, they turned to Noventum to define and execute a global service transformation programme. ‘’As a first step, we benchmarked the service potentials across industries, which provided a massive strategic impetus’’, Hilbrand said. ‘’We then leveraged their leaderships teams’ shared passion for their superior products, to define a shared vision for their services business as well." 

To align the management models Noventum created the Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards, and three year roadmap - a global undertaking requiring agreement from every regional and functional heads. The project could have taken years, but was finished in no more then three months. Even before final roll out, Bobst growth estimates had already rocketed from a steady three per cent per annum to double digit figures.



Discuss with Julian Laran, Head of Supply Chain & Operations from Bobst at the Service Industry Standards, 6th December 2017 in Amsterdam!

Bobst is a great example of how a company can use the Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards. A similar success story had Marel, the leading manufacturer for innovative, advanced food processing solutions for the poultry, fish, meat and further processing industry. As part of the Service Industry Standards on the 6th of December, Mr Trausti Árnason, Global Service Director of Marel, will take you through their Simple, Smarter, Faster transformation initiative to explain why and how they successfully used the Service Industry Standards. 

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