Service Value Chain Optimisation is the next frontier for exponential service business growth

Service value chain optimisation goes beyond the optimisation that one enterprise (with its partners) can achieve. Specifically, it provides real time access to data as well as data-driven services to any company that sees opportunities to optimise (a part of) the value chain and monetise (a part of) the value that is created.

With Service value chain optimisation, companies:

  • Provide data-driven services to reduce waste in a value chain through the exchange of data between companies that are part of a digitally integrated ecosystem;
  • Make the efficient and realiable operation of a combination of advanced technologies possible;
  • Result in hyper efficient equipment making use of state-of-the-art sustainable technologies;
  • Become an integrated part of seamlessly operating global supply chain processes;
  • Elimnate any wastes in the value chain of their industry.

Imagine, what could be the possibilities to fully optimise the Service value chain?

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