Drivers for Growth

The question of how to grow profitably is high on the strategic agenda of most companies, yet only few are able to realise it. Many businesses are struggling to maintain their existing revenue and profit margins, let alone achieve ambitious growth rates, while others are exhibiting very healthy growth rates. In 2013 Noventum undertook research to understand why this disparity exists.

Given the fact that significant variations appear in the growth strategies companies choose and the role services play within this strategy, Noventum’s research set out to answer the following two questions:

  1. Which are today's and tomorrow's key drivers for profitable growth?
  2. What role do services play in respect of growth?

Our research comprised of in-depth interviews and a surveyconducted amongst board members, service managers and directors, primarily from B2B product-orientated companies.

The key findings are that companies which pursue a broad portfolio of growth strategies, including advanced services, grow faster and have better profit margins. Other success factors for growth are innovation for customer value, agility and alignment of service and corporate values.

You can purchase our latest publication with the full research findings.

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